How To Trick People Into Booking a Beach Vacation During the Winter…

Beach vacations are extremely popular, no matter what time of the year it is. More than half — 52% to be exact — of worldwide survey respondents expect to take a vacation to the beach within the next 12 months. And one of the more popular beach destinations in the world has recently upped their advertising strategy in hopes of increasing its amount of yearly beachgoers.

According to WMBF News, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (MBACC) is taking advantage of the East Coast’s freezing winter temperatures to spread awareness about vacationing at the beach. Once the snow melts and the spring and summer finally arrive, people are going to be thinking about the beach a lot more. MBACC hopes that Myrtle Beach will be at the top of everyone’s summer to-visit list.

“It does give us more telephone calls coming in, more website visits, more online bookings,” said John Taylor, general manager of Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals. “These things we do see an increase when it does get cold.”

The cold months of January and February are actually the two most popular marketing months for the beach because people start not only thinking about their summer vacation ideas, but they actually start planning them.

Not only that, but the business association has come up with a clever marketing technique to entice snowbirds to start planning. MBACC uses targeted geo advertisements to show how cold and snowy a certain area of the country is, and then show the warm, sunny shoreline of Myrtle Beach to make people envious of their more comfortable peers.

“Have some sort of a warm weather picture for them and that usually gets them ready to make phone calls and check in their vacation times,” Taylor added

MCABB usually sees between an 8% and 12% increase in bookings during the winter months, and the chamber is excited about 2017 because of a strong start to the year so far.

“Usually if the trend is if you book more, you get more bookings for the summer and the occupancy is a little bit higher,” said Taylor.

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