How the Online Marketing Profession Will Change in 2015

The internet is a constantly shifting entity, and the people who use it for marketing must adapt constantly to keep up with the changes. Though pay-per-click and search engine optimization specialists have led the path in the past, a shift to social media and content marketing is set to change the balance of power.

According to, 2015 belongs to what contributor and co-founder of E2M Pratik Dholakiya calls “Jack-of-All-Marketers.”

Internet marketing evolves at a breakneck pace. Right now, for instance, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods and generates triple the leads, but that could change in a year or two, leaving content marketing specialists out in the cold.

This means that the online marketers who will be successful in coming years will be the ones that can wear as many hats as they need to in order to get the job done. Marketers that specialize only in narrow areas like PPC and SEO won’t be as useful as marketers who are proficient in all areas of online marketing.

Similarly, though budgets for social media and content marketing are set to rise in 2015, tailoring content to spread on social media will be a useful skill, but it’s unlikely that specializing in this area will lead to ongoing success. Marketing strategies are interconnected and symbiotic, and marketers who can create (or at least understand) a fully functional marketing strategy on their own will be a hot commodity.

In fact, Dholakiya theorizes that having jack-of-all marketers will create such a decrease in overhead that marketers who specialize in areas like SEO and PPC will be scarce in a year or two.

To remain competitive, marketers should expand their knowledge base and stay open to the idea of incorporating multiple marketing methods. Employers would also be wise to start hiring marketers with flexibility and ingenuity.


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