GPS Helps Police Find Stolen Landscaping Equipment Totaling $400,000

Technology has certainly changed the world in many ways, and the security industry can thank various innovations for its success in recent years.

It’s estimated that roughly 67% of all burglaries can be avoided simply by installing a high-tech video surveillance system. Though security cameras are a must for effective security, another type of technology has recently helped authorities find burglars who were attempting to get away with landscaping equipment worth more than $400,000.

According to ABC 13, four burglars have been arrested after police stated that they stole two trucks, a van, ATVs, and other landscaping equipment all totaling $400,000. Though surveillance video captured these criminals entering the property, it was Global Positing System (GPS) technology that led to their capture.

“I pulled up the app and saw I had equipment moving and obviously, we don’t landscape at two o’clock in the morning,” said Jonathan Edwards, owner of Texas Landscape Company.

The burglars broke into the business using bold cutters and loaded up two flatbeds with John Deere lawnmowers and other pieces of equipment. They were on the property for nearly two hours as the company’s mechanic, Nicholas Isidori, was asleep inside the building the entire time.

“Totally knocked out asleep,” Isidori added. “The dog finally did wake up and started barking at the cops that showed up to report the incident that the neighbor called about.”

KHOU added that Edwards and his company have been burglarized at least four times over the past few years, but nothing to this magnitude.

“It was upsetting at first, I had to gather my thoughts, I knew everything was on GPS so I just wanted my equipment back,” he said. “You know hopefully future guys [burglars] will see this and realize they will get caught.”

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