Good News for the Pumpkin Craze: It’s Good for Your Skin, Too!

The leaves have begun to fall and there’s a nip in the air. Fall is back, and you know what that means: it’s pumpkin season.

Sure, there are pumpkins to pick and carve into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. But in the meantime, there are pumpkin spice lattes to drink, pumpkin muffins to eat, pumpkin candles to light, and even pumpkin-flavored ice cream, if that’s something you’re into.

But as it turns out, the good old pumpkin has more advantages than just its seasonal spookiness, its delicious flavor, and its appealing scent. Pumpkin is good for you, too! According to, pumpkin puree is a great low-calorie, high-fiber food and is a good source of nutrients like beta-carotene and iron.

Moreover, pumpkin is just as good for our outsides as it is for our insides. Pumpkin boasts a number of ingredients that can help solve problems like dry skin, oily skin, rough skin, and acne.

In all likelihood, aging is also a concern for most women. The aging process typically starts in a woman’s mid-20s to early-30s.

The best course of action for slowing or reversing the signs of aging is to take care of your skin. Moisture is key, not only for making skin look fresher and more youthful, but for avoiding the dry, flaky skin that is indicative of the coming winter weather.

What better way to pamper and care for your skin in this festive fall season than with pumpkin? Here are some ideas and recipes to help incorporate pumpkin into your skincare regimen.

Problem: Oily Skin

Pumpkin Skincare Solution: Pumpkin Face Mask

Two teaspoons pureed pumpkin pulp

One and a half teaspoon honey

One quarter teaspoon milk

One quarter teaspoon apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice

Combine ingredients, apply to face, and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Problem: Wrinkles

Pumpkin Skincare Solution: Wrinkle-Combating Face Mask with Pumpkin

Two tablespoons pumpkin

One half teaspoon honey

One half teaspoon milk

Apply to a clean face, let set for 20 minutes then wash off with a warm, damp cloth.

Problem: Rough or Inflamed Skin

Pumpkin Skincare Solution: Pumpkin Seed Mask

Raw pumpkin seeds

One teaspoon honey

Peel raw pumpkin seeds and grind with water to create “pumpkin seed milk.” Mix milk and honey and apply to face. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Problem: Acne

Pumpkin Skincare Solution: Pumpkin Face Rub

Piece of fresh pumpkin

Rub the fresh pumpkin flesh on your face twice a day after washing your face.

Problem: Dry, Flaky Skin

Pumpkin Skincare Solution: Pumpkin Body Scrub

Pumpkin puree

Epsom Salt or brown sugar

Make a rough mix of the pumpkin and salt/sugar. In the shower, rub the scrub on your skin in a circular motion. Rinse off.

Problem: Dry Cracked Heels

Pumpkin Skincare Solution: Deep Moisture Treatment with Pumpkin

Two tablespoons pumpkin puree

Two tablespoons Vaseline

Combine pumpkin and Vaseline, spread on feet. Pull on clean cotton socks and let your heels soften overnight while you sleep.

We certainly don’t need any more reasons to incorporate more pumpkin into our lives in the fall, but at least you can use the health of your skin as an excuse to bust out these recipes. Just try to remember that these are recipes for products to put on your skin, not to eat, no matter how delicious they may smell.

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