Forklift Fugitive: Georgia Man Runs And Climbs To Evade Police, Apprehended By Forklift

It’s safe to say that if you’re about to get pulled over by the police, just pull over. Somehow it strikes the minds of so many that they’ll just drive away and attempt to evade the authorities literally trained to hinder such legal tomfoolery.

The U.S. is one of the busiest road traffic countries on earth, with about 218 million drivers holding a valid driving license. How many stories do you read that end with people successfully evade the police? The very few who manage to do so end up paying the pied piper in the end anyway. We can guarantee that whatever bill the proverbial pied piper gives them is a whole lot worse than if they just pulled over in the first place. Logical deductions like these clearly don’t apply in such situations, so we’re left to piece together the inner machinations of the human mind.

Georgia man Jonathan Ryno was in the process of getting pulled over by the police for having an expired registration tag. He decided that instead of pulling over and accepting what would’ve been a comparatively inexpensive ticket, he’d run from the police. Brilliant. He took off, leading the police on both a car chase and a foot chase.

The police finally found the empty car outside a building materials storage warehouse. On foot, the police had a K-9 follow the footprints of the suspect and they eventually found him on top of a stack of 20 feet of drywall. His escape plan ended with him in a warehouse, 20 feet off the ground, with nowhere to go. Officers climbed up and they arrested him. Apparently, it wasn’t until they got up there until they realized that 20 feet is pretty high up to get a handcuffed man down from.

Construction workers were on the scene of this bizarre chase and offered the police their help. Most warehouse forklifts carry weights between one and five tons, but that day a forklift rescued officers and the fugitive from the stack of drywall.

The officers were thankful for the assist and the suspect is being charged with attempting to elude a police officer along with driving with an expired tag. One usually expects that people who flee being pulled over have further guilt to hide, but this wasn’t the case. Just a guy who didn’t want a ticket, but ended with a whole bunch more and also had to be rescued by a forklift.

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