First Cyclist to Bike Around the World Finishes a Day Early

A British endurance cyclist is set to create a new world record of biking around the world within 80 days.

If all goes as planned, Mark Beaumont is expected to arrive in Paris on Monday, September 18, 79 days after he set off from the City of Lights on July 2nd.

While studies show that cycling at least three times a week at a moderate intensity stimulates dopamine production, increases a person’s energy by 20%, and reduces their fatigue by 65%, it’s safe to say that none of this is happening to Beaumont. Even though he is a seasoned athlete, and completing his around the world trek for the second time, this trip has taken a toll on him simply because of the pace.

He is set to break the current record of 123 set by New Zealander Andrew Nicholson. In order to do so, he is biking at a rate of 240 miles a day, in 16 hours a day, for a total of 18,000 miles by the end of his trip. To have enough time and energy, he’s only been sleeping for five hours a day and has been eating a whopping 9,000 calories split up into many different meals.

But it hasn’t all been smooth cycling. Beaumont has encountered his fair share of problems: including dodging a serious vehicle accident in Australia, biking through a sleet storm in New Zealand, and falling into a pothole in Russia and chipped a tooth. He has been dedicated so much to his schedule that he didn’t visit a dentist to fix his tooth –another athlete traveling with him fixed his tooth in an airport terminal with email instructions from a dentist.

Despite going through gorgeous landscapes and witnessing every sunrise and sunset for the past 78 days, Beaumont has dealt with some mentally straining obstacles. According to the Telegraph, he’s dealt with mental breakdowns and times when he has felt so physically exhausted that he didn’t want to go on. But through it all, Beaumont prevailed because he wants so badly to make this goal.

“But I’ll always be the first who did it [in under 80 days]. No one remembers who was second up Everest,” Beaumont explained.

For his trip, Beaumont was accompanied by his safety crew rode from Paris to Bejing, down Australia, through New Zealand, across the United States, and up through Canada. His last bit includes Portugal through Paris.

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