Finally, an Accessory That Will Hide the Cat Butt Forever!

A new advertisement is offering to bedazzle your cat in a fairly unexpected place — but is it legit?

The viral video promoting the “Twinkle Tush” made the rounds on the internet this week, and the new product has a very specific purpose: hiding the cat’s anus from view. The small, round jewel is tied to a cord which can be placed around a cat’s tail to hang down at the right height and cover the cat’s, well, tush.

The video features two kitties, Vladimir and Crickett, running through an apartment and modeling their cat couture. It has a very catchy jingle, too.

The website for the Twinkle Tush suggests a variety of reasons to purchase the product. For instance, owners throwing “a respectable cocktail party” shouldn’t be subjected to their cats’ uncovered rears, and cats that have to face the paparazzi shouldn’t be caught exposed.

It turns out, of course, that the Twinkle Tush is just a gag gift, and the product’s website takes would-be buyers to another one that sells the Cat Crib — a hammock for cats. That’s still a pretty clever marketing ploy — whether cat owners want the product or not.

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to buy all sorts of products and services for their pets. In fact, dog owners in metropolitan areas are willing to spend around $100 per week on everything from obedience classes, to online dog dating services, which match pets and their owners with play-date companions.

And in an age of luxury pet boutiques and designer doggie duds, maybe the Twinkle Tush isn’t quite as ridiculous as it initially seems. According to the Los Angeles Times, one designer makes $220 cashmere sweaters for dogs, and another makes $190 tote bags perfect for carrying Fido around.

Cats, however, don’t often require that same supervision, which makes something like a cat hammock (or even a cardboard box) perfect for feline family members.

Those who are disappointed that the Twinkle Tush isn’t legit, however, can still purchase the gag gift for a mere $5.99 on — and maybe pick up some real gifts for their kitties, as well.


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