Father Brutally Shoots a Boy found in Daughter’s Bedroom

Father has brutally shot a boy found in daughter’s bedroom early morning in Houston-area. Detectives hold the opinion that the 16 years old daughter of the shooter brought a 17 years old boy into her bedroom.  And when her father asked about the teen boy, she said she did not know him.

The father told to police that “the teen was trying to grab something to hit me but I opened fire at him which caused his immediate death”. KHOU said that no other injuries had been reported and the father was shifted to hospital due to serious medical conditions.

The authorities have not revealed the names of people involved in this incident and so far no case has been lodged.  Furthermore, investigators said that we are investigating the matter thoroughly and once the facts are established, guilty will be published.


Last but not the least,  the police  is questioning the girl and all family members about the  relationship between the girl and teen.

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