English Bride Undergoes Dental Surgery — in the Middle of Her Reception

Dental treatmentWhile a lion-killing dentist gets all the press in America, there is a hero across the Atlantic Ocean that saved the wedding day of one unfortunate bride.

According to Express UK, Stacy Rodgers, a bride-to-be from Ayrshire, England, woke up in the middle of the night on the most important day of her life with a terrible pain in her mouth.

Although half of all adults surveyed say visit their dentist every six months, Rodgers could barely wait another six minutes.

She was able to tough it out through the ceremony, but her pain was only getting worse. She made a call to her new husband, Bryan, shortly after they exchanged their vows, to get his advice on what she should do.

“I phoned Bryan and broke down in tears. I thought I was going to have to call the whole thing off, but Bryan and I agreed we couldn’t do that. People had spent a lot of money to make the day special for us,” she said.

Stacey decided to wait the rest of the night, but as soon as she sat down to eat dinner at the reception, the pain became “unbearable.”

“I was unable to eat a thing. I told Bryan I’d have to go home there and then,” she said.

According to the Daily Record, the catering assistant at the banquet hall had no choice but to announce that the bride was leaving, and the reception would have to continue without her.

After the guests put their heads together for a solution, Stacy’s nephew, Lewis McIntyre, remembered that his friend’s father is a dentist.

Ritchie Robertson, the heroic dental wizard, told her to meet him at his office immediately — at 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.

Robertson discovered an infection in Stacey’s mouth and performed emergency dental surgery. The bride felt as good as new after the procedure and returned to the reception.

“I was more than happy to help Stacey in her hour of need and she was certainly the most glamorous patient I have ever treated in my 25 years as a dentist,” Robertson said.

While the experience was a bride’s worst nightmare, Stacey is having some fun with the situation.

“I was able to dance the night away. I can’t thank Ritchie enough for saving my wedding day. I can smile about it now, but it might be a few years before Bryan is allowed to joke about me leaving him on our wedding day for the dentist.

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