Ellen DeGeneres throws Off Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Actor Presentation

When the Jennifer Lawrence happened to approach stage to present “Best actor’s trophy” she spoke a very funny joke. That would be Ellen DeGeneres and the cast of “Dallas Buyers Club.”

As the “American Hustle” actress went off with strange gait, DeGeneres was cautiously excited and wanted to make sure that last year’s best actress would not fall before DeGeneres.

Though, the joke did not pick by most of the participants yet Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, and their cohorts took it hilarious. It was for the first time that she came off her cool track record. Actually, she was teased by the Ellen DeGeneres who told her about falling off the stage.

Inevitably, this inside joke brought smiles over the faces of the participants and it was said that “this insides joke was an end to all inside jokes”. A private news agency correspondent said “though we are not the part of Hollywood crew yet they are like us”.

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