Crews use explosives to reduce Avalanche Risk

On Wednesday, the Steven pass was declared clear by the crews. They cleaned the icy debris, trees, and rocks of the natural avalanche occurred in the early morning. The road was carpeted with the ice when the Avalanche hit it, said a crew member.

On the other hand, preparations were underway to use explosives for reducing the future risks of Avalanche, said another crew member.  Contrary to this, the avalanche specialist Brandon Levy said that “we had fired M-60 battle tank for producing more debris for further clearance”.

It goes without saying, a video has been released showing the crews are holding 50 pounds explosives bags to drop on the right time.  It is speculated that another avalanche might hit the road in few days to come; however, preparations were undergoing to meet with the challenges.

Last but not the least, the snow has already created troublesome situation for the Americans and for the economy of the country.

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