Company offers gold-plated iPhone 6

Gold jewelry has long been a sign of wealth, but in recent years there’s been a trend of selling old gold jewelry for cash. These trade-ins can net sellers 40 – 70% of the gold’s value, depending on the rates of the individual buyer. Don’t let that fool you into thinking all gold is out of style, however; demand for gold objects is stronger than ever.

Case in point: the iPhone 6, announced at an Apple event Sept. 9, will have a little extra shine added to it before being delivered to some of its customers.

In a distinct upgrade to the gold hue offered by Apple, Gold and Co London makes 24k gold iPads and iPhones, as well as other golden gadgets, under the brand Burj Al Arab.

In the six months leading up to the release and the few days after, the company received well over 400 orders. Over 150 of those will go to the United Arab Emirates, where demand is high for such luxury items.

The company had to scramble to get back to its customers regarding their model preferences when Apple announced that the iPhone 6 would be available in two sizes, but the golden handsets will be delivered in the UAE as early as Sept. 20 or 21 regardless—even before standard models become available.

Golden Fever:
Smartphones aren’t the only devices the ultra-wealthy have covered in gold. Many bizarre golden objects that have made the news in recent years, but here’s a recap of some of the strangest:

A royal throne:
The world’s most expensive restroom, built in 2001, required 380 kg of gold — and 6,200 gemstones, to boot!

Gold roll:
Continuing the bathroom theme, Australian company The Toilet Man created a roll of toilet paper out of 22k gold.

Golden words:
A gold-covered keyboard might not improve the quality of the typist’s prose, but Wazakura Koubou made one anyway, selling it for around $275 dollars.

Putting the “g” in gaming:
As part of a marketing stunt for Big Family Games, Nintendo sent a gold-plated Wii to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

What stories of gold or gold-covered objects have caught your eye? Share your favorites in the comments.


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