Biggest Private Piece of Land for Sale

According to a recent report from The Independent, the largest private piece of land on Earth is for sale. Unlike the average 2015 home sale price of $136,000, the 23,000 square kilometer stretch of cattle farms, previously belonging to the family of Sir Sidney Kidman, costs $325 million. Kidman claimed the land over 100 years ago, after gaining fame as the country’s greatest pastoralist. Growing his own crops made Kidman a healthy retiree, which 81% of retirees will agree is the most important part of retirement. Though all that land couldn’t hurt.

To complete the property inspection, it will take each of the 30 bidders a full week to tour the whole South Australian property by plane. The land for sale is almost 2/3 the size of England, or nearly the same size as New Hampshire. A piece of land this large was bound to carry some baggage with it. There were many rumors circulating that the Kidman family did not want to sell the land at all. However, Don Manifold, the selling agent’s managing partner, said that the family was on board with putting up the land for sale. He commented:

“There is some hysteria at the moment about foreign land ownership and I understand people’s concerns, but this is a very well-managed cattle business and the Federal government and [three state and one territory] governments and the Foreign Investment Review Board will all be involved because we are talking about long term pastoral leases here. It is extraordinary that it has been in the one family until the fifth generation, is debt free, consistently well run, prime cattle producer.”

The land will be officially sold after the bidders all finish their week-long flying tours.


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