Bayville Dinosaur to be Covered in Shrink Wrap

The resident of Berkeley Township, New Jersey are taking great pains to preserve a large blue brontosaurus endearingly known as the Bayville dinosaur.

The Berkeley Times reports that the Bayville dinosaur on Route 9 will soon be entirely covered in shrink wrap as the township decides how to best preserve the beloved landmark. The townspeople have already organized an ad hoc committee dedicated to protecting the local attraction. The committee recently removed the dinosaur’s head when it noticed it was in danger of falling off and, moreover, found that it was too close to Route 9 for comfort.

The committee members aren’t the only people who are concerned about the dinosaur’s future. The major, the city council, the Berkeley Historical Society, and the Police Benevolent Association are working with the committee to negotiate with the landowner of the property the Bayville dinosaur resides in.

Steve Baeli, the organizer of the committee, says that volunteers will cover up the dinosaur in shrink wrap soon. He realizes, though, that a long-term solution for the dinosaur will require more fundraising.

“It’s like restoring a house, there are lots of ways to go,” Baeli said.

Built in the 1930s, the Bayville dinosaur has undergone several changes, including different paints, metal spikes, and even hand imprints. Facing north on Route 9 close to the intersection of Butler Boulevard, the 12-foot structure current stands on property owned by Texas investment company Acquired Capital. Baeli hopes that a deed restriction could be in the works or, failing that, that the dinosaur could be designated as a historical landmark.

Perhaps the dinosaur’s greatest claim to fame is that it was showcased in the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, adding on to its historical relevance.

Shrink wrap is just one of the many packaging options available to the township. As an industry, packaging makes an estimated $7 billion in revenue every year.


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