Are the Olsen Twins Too Late to Capitalize on the Dry Shampoo Trend?

Celebrity twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are many things — actresses, former child stars, and fashion designers are just a few of the hats they wear.

The pair’s “Elizabeth and James” line, named for two of their siblings, offers clothing, handbags, fragrances, and now a line of dry shampoos, according to E! Online.

Dry shampoo is the (somewhat dirty) little secret of beauty mavens everywhere. Don’t have enough time to wash your hair? A little dab of dry shampoo can bring hair back to life.

The Elizabeth and James dry shampoos are part of the Nirvana hair and body collection and come in two different varieties: Nirvana White and Nirvana Black. The White option is scented like a spring garden, whereas the other option contains violet, sandalwood, and vanilla notes.

The line is available at Sephora and costs $28 per bottle. Other Nirvana White and Black products are also available through the store in the same scents.

Like dry shampoo, a number of salon treatments are designed to minimize the amount of effort that most people put into their daily hair care routines. For instance, keratin treatments are one option because they save time with straightening and adding various products to the hair.

One famous stylist thinks that hair products are here to stay, despite the salon, but shampoos are on their way out. So will dry shampoo fall by the wayside someday, too?

That’s what Bumble and Bumble founder and president Michael Gordon thinks.

Gordon, whose hair care line sells a number of sprays, pastes, glosses, and mousses, said that shampoo and anything plastic “will have gone away” in the future. “What remains will be quite lovely and beautiful and refillable.”

But Gordon’s motivations aren’t simply to sell more. Cutting back on hair care products could help reduce waste.

“I looked at the world of hair products and thought, ‘This is crazy!’” Gordon told Yahoo News. “Everybody has ten shampoos, ten conditioners, masks, and then before you blink they’re making a hundred different products… It’s one thing to get rid of waste, but it’s much better to not create so much waste in the first place.”


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