Apple Reportedly Keeping Lightning Port for Next iPhone Iteration

As with any product Apple releases, there have been plenty of rumors floating around about the much-anticipated iPhone 8. Specifically, the phone’s charging port has been a hot topic for conversation.

Many people have speculated as to whether or not the next iteration of the iPhone will keep its Lighting port or make the switch to USB-C, but most experts believe that the Lightning port will remain for at least one more iPhone generation. USB-C technology is available and efficient, but the Lightning port still holds its own.

Of course, the USB-C and lightning port debate will be irrelevant if or when Apple unveils wireless charging technology, but as of right now that technology is still in development. And as previously stated, Lightning can hold its own.

In fact, Lightning is capable of USB 3 speeds under the right circumstances. Unlike USB 3 cables, which, while compatible with USB 2 devices, will only perform at USB 2 speeds when connected, Lighting consistently provides high speeds for users.

That being said, the transition from Lighting to USB-C may be inevitable. The majority of devices now use this port for charging, and sticking with Lightning for too long could irritate customers. According to Apple Insider, Apple “antagonizes the crowd that wants to see universality.” But the publication also argues that the switch to USB-C could irritate peripheral owners.

Not only that, but multiple devices have now surfaced to cater specifically to the Lighting port. Accessory company Kanex recently launched such a product: a charging/display port for the Apple watch with an additional port for iPhone charging.

The dock can charge any other USB compatible device, but right now the technology is geared toward iPhone owners. A charging port switch on such short notice could not only ruffle customer feathers, it could disrupt adjacent companies’ products as well.

Time is another factor weighing heavily on Apple’s decision not to move forward with USB-C. Delaying the iPhone 8 could further antagonize customers who have been waiting to make a purchase.

The future is uncertain for the next iPhone, but its reveal will certainly turn heads, if anything.

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