Amazon Announces Plans To Bring Cloud Service To Middle East

Amazon Web Services announced on Monday, September 25, that it will be bringing its management services and cloud capabilities to Bahrain. Amazon has long been a marketing leader in the United States. Now it’s predicted that by 2019, the cloud computing company will have data centers located in nearly every part of the world.

According to GeekWire, Amazon will be setting up three facilities offering cloud service availability in Bahrain by early 2019, increasing the company’s international outreach to 17 countries. These facilities work as independent data centers, supporting themselves via mechanical and electrical infrastructure and network connection.

The international move on Amazon’s account is incredibly market-savvy as no other American cloud service is available internationally. Alibaba Cloud, Amazon’s competitor from China, currently holds a cloud service facility in Dubai. However, American cloud companies such as Microsoft are only just now making advances on the International front.

When using the cloud, up to 82% of companies report saving money. Cloud users in the Middle East will now be able to replicate databases, securely store data information, and improve the capabilities of virtual machines and applications. The new cloud service locations will also allow international companies to improve their customer service for clients in the Middle East.

“As countries in the Middle East look to transform their economies for generations to come, technology will play a major role, and the cloud will be in the middle of that transformation,” Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a press release.

According to GeekWire, many international parts of the world which were introduced to cloud services and Internet networking via mobile devices rather than PCs have proven to be more likely to jump the era of on-premises infrastructure. Therefore, it may be possible that Bahrain’s companies and other Middle Eastern businesses will develop solely on the use of cloud data services.

The likelihood of this development will only increase as Amazon also announced on Monday that it will also be placing a cloud service facility within the United Arab Emirates by early 2018.

“AWS customers are already making use of 44 availability zones across 16 geographic regions,” said Amazon chief evangelist Jeff Barr. “Today’s announcement brings the total number of global regions — operational and in the works — up to 22.”

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