After Hurricane Irma, Florida Town May Require Metal Roofs

Many homeowner’s associations already place limits on the colors homeowners can use to paint the exteriors of their homes. Now, requirements for roofs are becoming more common as well.

In fact, metal roofs may soon be a requirement for homes located in the Florida Keys. Metal roofs are known for having the strength to protect homes from suffering major damage due to their 140 miles per hour wind rating, which can be beneficial in a hurricane-prone region of the country.

A new ordinance would require any replacement roofs to be made of metal, rather than the less expensive option of asphalt shingles.

“One significant observation from [post-Hurricane Irma] inspections is that metal roofs fared far better than those roofs covered by asphalt shingles,” says a county staff summary. “County residents who lost roofs during Irma have asked if there is a way to obtain help in paying to harden their homes by upgrading from traditional shingles to a metal roof.”

The thought is that if it were to become a law to require a metal roof, that insurance coverage would also be required since it is a bit more expensive. These roofs can actually be more than two or three times more expensive than other options.

According to the Miami Herald, a background report from county attorneys says that Florida law currently allows the county to adopt any regulations on “replacement and/or repairs of roofs that were damaged by Irma if there is sufficient evidence to support a determination that shingle roofs are incapable of surviving intact during a major hurricane.”

Of course, there are thousands of homeowners affected by this year’s hurricanes. However, there are also many groups helping those impacted by the disaster to rebuild their homes. They are helping to bring some form of relief to the communities through donation drives and long-term assistance.

Any home that didn’t suffer extreme damage isn’t required to replace their roofs immediately; however, they will have to upgrade to a metal roof in the future to maintain the structure. This law would also not impact manufactured homes and those owned by the State of Florida.

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