Adblock Browser for iOS and Android to Keep Away Ads

Even people who aren’t tech-savvy can rejoice at the latest development in phones. Eyeo, a company based in Georgia, has now integrated the Adblock add-on and made it a full-on browser.

The company hopes this will be more helpful than traditional blocking add-ons, and that it will attract more users. Over half of people who own phones use it as their primary internet resource. You can already download a beta version of the Android browser from the Google Play store.

There are three reasons why many people choose to block ads during their internet browsing sessions — other than the fact that they’re generally annoying. On mobile devices, ads shorten battery life, cause pages to load slower than normal, and eat up all of your data. They can also contain malware that will harm your device.

The browser comes from the idea of Firefox and Adblock Plus, and is virtually the same experience. By integrating the browser and the blocking software, it is much easier for users to just download and immediately use.

The experience with the browser can also be unique to each user. You can set it so that it blocks all ads, or allow it to show ones for companies you generally like.

An important thing to note about the browser, however, is that it does not provide users with protection against malware, so you should still be careful about questionable sites.

The final version of the browser will be released in the summer, and Android users are encouraged to give feedback. The company is still tweaking the software for iOS.


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