Month: May 2017

  • Apple Reportedly Keeping Lightning Port for Next iPhone Iteration

    As with any product Apple releases, there have been plenty of rumors floating around about the much-anticipated iPhone 8. Specifically, the phone’s charging port has been a hot topic for conversation. Many people have speculated as to whether or not the next iteration of the iPhone will keep its Lighting port or make the switch […]

  • Philadelphia Chef Gets Hand Crushed By Pasta Machine, Undergoes Emergency Surgery

    Approximately 35% of on-the-job injuries are caused by machine accidents each year, but this was no ordinary machine accident — Joe Cicala, popular Philadephia-based chef, caught his hand in a pasta sheeter while making Mother’s Day dinner at Le Virtu, the Philadelphia Italian restaurant where he works. Cicala had been experimenting with a new pasta […]

  • iPhone Technicians Can Tear Apart Your Phone In 10 Minutes

    Screws may not be something of great interest to many people, but there is a multitude of options that make them a pretty fascinating topic. Screws that are on such a small scale that you can’t use conventional tools to work on them, screws that have washers and other components built in, and much more. […]