Month: January 2016

  • El Nino Storms Continue To Wreak Havoc on the Bay Area

    At first glance, the sudden rains brought by El Nino seem like a blessing for the drought-ridden state of California. Upon looking closer, however, it’s clear that not all is well in the Golden State. First, the Bay Area popcorn factory Kettlepop was forced to close down due to a mouse infestation. According to CBS […]

  • Supreme Court Agrees To Hear an Appeal About Insider Trading

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 19 agreed to hear an appeal regarding insider trading, which has been a divisive issue in several federal appeals courts for months. The case, coming from California, involves trading by a man named Bassam Salman. Salman made his purchases after receiving information from his future brother-in-law, Maher Kara, who […]

  • AngelSense: The App Designed to Help Keep Children With Autism Safe

    Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you the safety of their child is the most important thing. Because of this, a missing child is a parent’s biggest concern. For parents who have children on the autism spectrum, this worry is even more pressing, as children with autism have a tendency to wander. And sometimes, simply […]

  • Rubio Defends His 2004 Support of FL Bill Giving Undocumented Immigrants In-State College Tuition Rates

    Presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) recently came under criticism for his co-sponsorship of a bill which provided in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants in Florida. The law was enacted in 2004 when Rubio was in the Florida Statehouse, according to the Huffington Post and Washington Post, and Rubio told ABC’s This Week that he “absolutely” […]

  • Paid Maternity Leave is Still Not Second-Nature in the U.S.

    Being a mother is a full time job in and of itself. From feeding to dressing to putting a baby down for a nap, the basic tasks of motherhood take a great deal of time. In fact, it takes two minutes and five seconds to change a diaper, totaling up to two 40-hour workweeks per […]

  • Virtually Everyone Is Moving to Oregon

    The average American moves about 12 times in their life, and if any of those moves happened in the past three years, there’s a good chance that it was to Oregon, believe it or not. According to a study of 123,000 moves from United Van Lines, Oregon was the top moving destination in 2015 for […]

  • New App Business the Uber of Moving Companies

    Most people these days are familiar with Uber, the app-based taxi substitute that provides transportation in many U.S. cities. Now thanks to the innovation of some of college kids, there’s a similar service available to help you when you move. According to the Louisville-area news source, Bellhops is an online service that basically hires […]

  • Two More Real Estate Investors Nabbed in Georgia Foreclosure Bid-Rigging Scheme

    Two more Georgia real estate investors pleaded guilty on Monday, Jan. 4 to bid-rigging and mail fraud conspiracies which were connected to a years-long fraudulent foreclosure auction scheme. Paul Chen, of Fulton County, and Ira Eisenberg, of DeKalb County, both appeared in court and admitted that they had agreed not to bid against others in […]

  • Six-Year-Old Girl Dies a Month After Drowning in a Jerusalem Hotel Pool

    On December 10, a six-year-old girl was clinging to life after being rescued from a hotel pool in Jerusalem. After a month of intense efforts to revive the girl — who had been in critical condition at multiple hospitals across Israel — she died on Wednesday morning. According to Israel National News, the girl had […]

  • A Cargo Ship the Size of the Empire State Building Has Arrived in the U.S.

    As of 2011, the world’s cargo carrying fleet consists of more than 55,000 ships, but there are few quite like the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin. The gigantic ship is longer than the Empire State Building is tall, dwarfs the U.S. Navy’s largest aircraft carrier, and can carry the volume of 235 Olympic swimming pools. And […]