2 Abducted Spanish Journalists in Syria Returned Back to Home

Freelance photographer Ricardo Garcia Vilanova and El Mundo staff correspondent Javier Espinosa have arrived home on Sunday after six months captivity.Mundo reported that when both of these Spanish journalists reached at the airport, all of their colleagues and friends embraced jubilant reunion.

Besides, Espinosa told to the crowd standing for hours to see them that “We are highly thankful to you for your prayer and support. We are perfectly fine and thankful to you for making it possible to return back to our home”.

Later on, when they returned back to their newsroom, all of their colleagues welcomed them with eyes filled with tears. Furthermore, one of these journalists said to the seniors “we are really sorry for putting you in troublesome situation and we understand how you bravely helped us in crisis”.

It goes without saying, the details of their safe return have not been disclosed but the EL Mundo reported to have said that “both of these journalists had been handed over to authorities of Turkey that displayed a picture of them showing good healthy and spirit at Beirut airport.

It is pertinent to mention that Garcia and Espinosa had been abducted from Syria in September 2013 and they were abducted when they supposed to leave Syria through the route of Turkey. And, both of these journalists visited the war torn country a number of times to cover the stories.

Last but not the least Espinosa had been previously abducted from Sierra Leone while covering the conflict while Garcia was kidnapped for about 12 days in Syria in 2012.

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