Month: February 2019

  • Ariana Grande Facing Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘God Is a Woman’ Music Video

    Ariana Grande has quickly become one of today’s most popular singers. Her pop music, fabulous outfits, and fun-filled music videos have helped her become the chart-topping artist she is. But Grande is now being sued for using another artist’s work one of her music videos. Vladimir Kush, a Russian-American artist, has filed a copyright lawsuit […]

  • Protecting The Past: How Light Affects Aging Documents

    In mid-January, an old family album from the 1800s was put up for sale on eBay. The buyer paid $1,000 for it, thinking it contained “pictures of 19th-century aristocrats.” Imagine her surprise when it ended up being Jane Austen’s family album, full of images of the famous author’s nieces and nephews. Jane Austen was born […]

  • New Research Shows Bulk of Bankruptcies Filed Due to Medical Bills and Illness

    hospital bill

    An estimated 25,227 companies filed for bankruptcy in the second quarter of 2016 alone. And while the business climate continues to be rocky, new research from Eureka Alert has revealed that bankruptcy filings on a personal level are on the rise as well. But what’s more, the bulk of these bankruptcies have one element in common: medical bills.   […]

  • What Trump’s State Of The Union Address Says About The Year To Come

    Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump delivered his 2019 State of the Union address. What he focused on – and what he chose to ignore – reveals a surprising amount about the priorities of his administration for the year to come. Continued Immigration Sentiments In his speech, President Trump claimed that he was interested in increasing […]

  • NYC Living Tips: Saving Money On HVAC Expenses

    If you’re either planning on moving to New York City or already have been living there, you are fully aware of how expensive NYC is. You could make six figures in your hometown and live like royalty; but if you move to NYC with that same salary, you could actually end up struggling finically if […]

  • Americans Still Reeling From Trump’s Record-Breaking Shutdown

    When President Trump made the decision to partially shut down the U.S. government in an effort to secure funding for his much-hyped border wall, he might not have completely thought things through. He would certainly be protected, thanks to essential White House staff members attending his needs and a Cadillac limo with a five-inch-thick plate […]