Month: June 2018

  • Here’s Your New Excuse to Drink More Coffee

    New studies from multiple sources across Europe are proving that coffee is better than we ever could have imagined: not only does the deliciously caffeinated bean improve your heart functioning, it can also be used to help treat diabetes. June was a momentous month for coffee in 2018 — two scientific teams proved that your […]

  • Manufacturing Industry Falling Behind in Cybersecurity

    Today’s businesses are more at risk of cyber attacks than ever — but they’re also more prepared to handle these attacks. However, new reports show that many manufacturing businesses are still failing to have the proper cybersecurity planning and processes in place. In doing this, they’re still extremely vulnerable to having their operating systems attacked. […]

  • Families Encouraged to Discuss Cognitive Issues During June’s Brain Awareness Month

    There are currently 35.6 million people across the world who are struggling with dementia. Since it’s officially Brain Health Awareness Month, organizations across the country are focusing on improving medical care for individuals dealing with all kinds of cognitive impairments, from minor learning disabilities to Alzheimer’s. According to The News-Herald, Alzheimer’s disease is currently the […]

  • New Study Shows Early Hearing Loss Could Lead to Dementia

    It’s normal for people nowadays to have their music cranked up, attend loud concerts, and continuously turn the volume up on the television. But what a lot of people often forget is that when listening to sounds louder than 85 decibels, it can cause permanent hearing loss. And even the slightest bit of hearing loss […]

  • 2019 Fortnite World Cup Could Be Most Popular Gaming Event of All Time

    The value of video games in the United States currently sits at $18.4 billion. The popular video game Fortnite is looking to give those numbers a massive boost — and it looks like they are on the right track. The game is free, but it still brings in millions of dollars in revenue due to […]

  • Starbucks Brewed in Another Scandal: Discrimination Against the Elderly

    Former Starbucks employees are calling out popular coffee chain, Starbucks, for another problem associated with bias and prejudice: discrimination against the elderly. This arrives on the heels of the controversy surrounding the arrest of two black men in April. Since the unfair arrest of the two men waiting for a business meeting, the stores have […]

  • Gutter Scams Heating Up Across the West Coast

    Typically, household tasks like gutter cleaning and minor repair work should be done around once or twice a year. For many homeowners, they physically can’t get up on their rooftops to clean out their gutters — or they’d just prefer a team of professionals to do it — so they hire someone. Unfortunately, the person […]

  • Tiger Still Bringing In the Big Bucks Despite Missing All the Putts

    Tiger Woods has been back in action as of late, but he hasn’t finished at the top of the scoreboard of a major since 2013. However, that’s not stopping him from being one of the highest paid athletes across the globe. According to Forbes Magazine’s, World’s 100 Highest Paid Athletes, Woods is currently ranked 16th […]

  • Apple-Samsung Patent Trial Decided in iPhone Maker’s Favor

    Since 2011, a patent-related battle has been waging between Apple and Samsung over the features shared between the iPhone and other devices produced by the South Korean conglomerate. But now, it looks like Samsung will definitively have to pay the price of infringing on Apple’s patents — albeit for significantly less than originally thought. Although […]