Month: August 2017

  • Vegetarian Diet Correlated To Lower Cholesterol Levels, Study Finds

    Around 10% of U.S. Adults, or some 22.8 million people, say that they follow a largely vegetarian-inclined diet. Many vegetarians believe it is a healthy alternative to the traditional, super-sized American diet. And a new study only further backs up these claims with the finding that a vegetarian diet can potentially lower an individual’s cholesterol. […]

  • Florida Veterinarian Arrested On Three Felony Charges Of Animal Cruelty

    A veterinarian in Central Florida is facing multiple charges for animal cruelty and neglect. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office investigated the home of Dr. Gail Anne Nichols, 66, and her husband Paul Craig Smith, 74, in Lakeland, Florida after receiving a tip about various animals on the property suffering from abuse. “The residence emitted a […]

  • Court Reporter Position: More Demand Than Supply

    The “war for talent” rages on as more people enter the workforce, and as a result it has become increasingly important to pick an education wisely. And while record numbers of young people are choosing to invest in four-year Bachelor’s degrees, some of the country’s most in-demand jobs don’t actually require a college education. Case […]

  • Hot Tub Falls Victim To Sinkhole In Florida

    A well-constructed hot tub can last 20 years or more in the right conditions. If they’re maintained and kept in good shape through constant repairs and proper upkeep, they can be a great investment. But not if they happen to be near a growing sinkhole, like the one in Florida. A sinkhole that appeared in […]

  • Williamsburg Lawyer Sentenced in Timeshare Fraud

    A sentence has been handed down for a Williamsburg, Virginia lawyer convicted for her part in a national timeshare scheme that took place between 2011 and 2013.

  • New Clues About Risk Factors of Dementia

    Dementia affects a great number of Americans, up to 5 million people, in fact. Despite its pervasive effects, however, dementia is poorly understood. But thanks to researchers, we now know that improving lifestyle and curbing health factors like obesity, smoking, and depression can help reduce the risk of developing dementia.