Month: October 2016

  • Healthcare Panel Advises Mothers to Keep Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding can be a time-consuming endeavor, whether you’re nursing the baby or pumping milk while you’re on the job — in 2015, 26.8% of respondents to a survey said they expressed milk between five and 15 times a week. Now, a new report says that too many mothers are stopping breastfeeding too soon, and a […]

  • First-Time Buyers May Make Up Half of Housing Market Next Year

    We may have a few months to go until the end of 2016, but the housing market is already looking forward to the year ahead. According a recent report conducted by Zillow, and findings from the National Association of Realtors, first-time home buyers are poised to make up half of the overall housing market in […]

  • New Company Lets You Trade In Unused Vacation Days For Cash

    It’s been all over the news recently, but it isn’t really groundbreaking to anyone. Americans aren’t using all of their vacation days, despite assurances that not taking time off can lead to burnout and other health issues — research has even shown that vacation is good for families, with 37% of families saying that it […]

  • 87 of Robin William’s Bikes Go Up For Auction With All Proceeds Going to Charity

    Biking is one of the most enjoyed athletic and recreational activities in the country — a full 33% of Americans stated that they ride bikes for fun. And now, it’s a subject of interest for many shoppers and Robin Williams fans, after 87 of the comedian’s bikes were put up for auction earlier this month. […]

  • Marijuana Taking a High Precedence in November’s Election

    The upcoming election in November isn’t just about choosing what presidential candidate is the right fit for leading the country. For nine states, a huge part of their electoral process this year has been dedicated to opening up discussion about legalizing marijuana use. These nine states are focusing their efforts on relaxing their legal statues […]

  • Macy’s to Kick Off Black Friday Sales Earlier Than Ever This Year

    In recent years, retailers like Walmart, Target, Sears, and Kohl’s have come under fire for opening their stores to Black Friday shoppers on Thanksgiving Day. This criticism, however, hasn’t made much of an impact on these big chains looking to capitalize on the biggest money-making opportunity of the year. In fact, Macy’s has announced that […]

  • Popular Instagram Photographer Dies While Attempting to Surf the Subway

    These days, it’s become easier than ever for photographers to share their work on social media networks. Image-centric apps like Instagram allow photographers to connect with a whole new audience. Although there are around 41.44 million photographers making an average of $18 per hour in the U.S., photographer Christian Serrano shared his haunting, beautiful, and […]

  • E-Cigarette Explosions: A Nation-Wide Under-Reported Phenomenon

    In the first half of 2016, 10 patients with bad burns and facial fractures were admitted to North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center at UNC Hospitals. They almost all needed surgery — and one patient lost his eye after an e-cigarette he was smoking exploded. These cases represent a nationwide phenomenon of severe thermal burns caused […]

  • Grilled Cheese Just Got Easier With A New Teflon Product for Your Toaster

    Teflon was first applied to cookware in the late 1950s by Marc Gregoire, but thanks to modern technological advances, it’s been recreated with a purpose that grilled cheese lovers just might fall head over heels for. Making a grilled cheese on a stove sometimes just takes too long and provides sub-par results if you’re not […]

  • Man Shot at Intersection While Looking For Work Boots

    Studies have shown that employees who suffer an injury to their foot or toe miss an average of seven days of work. Jermaine Carter was just trying to make sure the same fate wouldn’t befall him — but that effort almost cost him his life. Carter was on his way to work, only two blocks […]