As U.S. Steel Industry Rebounds, ‘Women of Steel’ March To Protest Wage Gap

Mar 10, 16 As U.S. Steel Industry Rebounds, ‘Women of Steel’ March To Protest Wage Gap

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In Pittsburgh, the United Steelworkers (USW) union hosted the 2016 International Women of Steel Conference, organized to coincide with International Women’s Day. During the conference, attendees donned Rosie the Riveter bandanas, and 1,000 United Steel Workers marched to stand up for “women’s rights at work,...

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For Celebrities, the End of Oscar Season Marks the Beginning of Divorce Season

February 13 is one of the lesser celebrated holidays in America: National Breakup Day. Indeed, this is the day where people finally let go of their cuffing season desires and spend their subsequent (and solo) Valentine’s Day on a box of chocolate for one. But according to one celebrity divorce lawyer, that isn’t the...

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New Research Says That Fitness Apps Might Not Be as Accurate as You Think

Over the past few years, app usage and engagement has dramatically increased. In 2014 alone, app usage increased by an overwhelming 76%. Recently, this has been especially true of fitness apps and wearable technology such as Fitbit and Accupedo. And while these fitness innovations have made it seemingly simple to stay connected and...

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Rochester Judge Busted For Driving Drunk On Her Way To Work

Each year, more than 1.4 million people are arrested for a DUI first offense, not to mention DWIs and other such misdemeanors. On Saturday morning, Feb. 20, 34-year-old Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio joined their ranks. Astacio was stopped by state troopers of Interstate 490 as she was on her way to Rochester court....

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