The Holiday Shopping Season Cometh: How to Strategize

For many across the nation, only one holiday stands between them and the year’s biggest shopping season. According to the National Retail Federation, people will spend about $630.5 billion this holiday season on Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa gifts. New “shopping holidays,” such as Gray Thursday (Thanksgiving),...

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Genetic Testing for Autism? It May Be Possible Sooner Than You Think

Nov 25, 15 Genetic Testing for Autism? It May Be Possible Sooner Than You Think

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What if there was a way to provide parents with a better way of determining whether their child had a cognitive impairment like autism? That’s exactly what a group of researchers in Canada were wondering, and they believe they may have finally found an answer. Dr. Bridget Fernandez and a group of researchers at the Memorial...

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New Government Study Finds Direct Link Between Alternative Healing Techniques and Overall Well-Being

Alternative healing techniques continue to grow in popularity, and a recent study has found that three of the most popular complementary approaches can inspire adults to adopt healthier habits outside of these practices. According to, the government-funded study focused on chiropractic care, yoga, and natural...

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Now That Kenney Has Been Elected Mayor, What Key Issues Will He Likely Address First?

Jim Kenney ended his career as City Councilman four years ago, when he was on what the Inquirer describes as “the brink of political extinction.” On Tuesday, Nov. 3, the residents of Philadelphia elected Kenney to be their 99th mayor, starting on Jan. 4, 2016. After 98% of the votes were counted, Kenney, 57, was leading by a ratio...

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U.S. Economy Shows Small But Positive Growth in Third Quarter Report

Amidst a general narrative that America’s economy is still recovering from the last recession, a recent report has shown minor but considerable growth due to an increase in personal consumption. According to The New York Times, a report from the Commerce Department found that the American economy grew 1.5% in the third...

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