Heavy Flooding in New Brunswick Collapses Basement, Leaving Family Homeless

Many homes across North America come equipped with basements, those beloved underground spaces that can be used for storage, recreation and many other possibilities. Unfortunately, these basements can sometimes be more of a pain than they’re worth. It’s estimated that over 98% of homes with basements will incur some...

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How Will YouTube’s New Premium Service Affect the Marketing World?

YouTube has announced a new service: YouTube Red. For just $10 a month, users don’t have to deal with ads, they can save videos offline, and they even continue listening to a YouTube video in the background while they do other things on their mobile devices. The ad-free component launches the last week of October, but come...

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New Sources of Rubber Could Reduce Environmental Impact and Production Costs

Oct 23, 15 New Sources of Rubber Could Reduce Environmental Impact and Production Costs

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Rubber has always been a product in high demand considering its versatility and seemingly endless applications. However, the production of many natural rubbers has proven to be costly, and may even have an effect on the environment. According to rubbernews.com, the Iranian organization Sadaf Petrochemicals Co., recently broke...

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A CD From Poland Sent Anonymously to a Tech Blog Contained a Creepy, Disturbing Puzzle

The Internet is a dark, mysterious place. Google has indexed a staggering 200 Terabytes worth of its data — 204,800 gigs — and has only just scratched the surface, indexing a mere 0.004% of the total web. It’s out of this ominous, labyrinthine network that a creepy puzzle has emerged. It all started when tech blog...

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More Health Conditions Approved for Medical Marijuana Use

A panel in Illinois has voted to recommend medical marijuana use for more ailments. The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board is now recommending it for post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, osteoarthritis irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pain, the latter of which affects 1.5 billion people worldwide. The board also voted to add...

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