Malware Crooks Plant Fake YouTube Ads on Google to Trick Users

Sep 30, 15 Malware Crooks Plant Fake YouTube Ads on Google to Trick Users

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The latest internet scam does not involve Nigerian princes or secret lotto winnings, but it’s tricky enough to fool users who are just trying to find some cute kitten videos. According to The Inquirer, popular antivirus software firm Malwarebytes says that the latest trick that online criminals are using involves Google...

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8 Members of Ohio’s Beef Jerky Burgling Ring Indicted for Theft and Money Laundering

A Delaware County grand jury recently indicted eight beef jerky bandits who operated a theft ring across central Ohio, according to the Marion Star, following a six-month investigation of the group’s alleged thefts. The group had been running a shoplifting ring across 10 Ohio counties, reported This Week News, and primarily focused...

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The Time for Heating and Cooling Upgrades in Connecticut is Now

The hot summer days are in the rear-view mirror, and before long the temperate fall weather will give way to the bitterness of winter in Connecticut. On top of getting mentally prepared for that cold fact, it’s also time for homeowners to make sure their houses are ready to withstand the hardships of winter. Enter Energize...

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Family of 3 Left Homeless After Orlando Apartment Fire

A family of three is homeless today after a fire in an Orlando apartment complex ravaged their living space. At about 4:20 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 24, the Orlando Fire Department was called to the Village at Rosemont Preserve apartment complex, according to News 13 in Orlando. Authorities have so far been unable to...

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Local Bakery’s Egg and Butter Cartoon Characters Violation of Ordinance

In July the Knoxville City Council in Tennessee approved a new sign ordinance outlawing signs on the top of businesses roofs, with an exception for artwork, according to the local ABC affiliate Presumably, the regulation was meant to prevent big chains from mounting massive, flashy eyesores in an attempt to attract...

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