Month: February 2014

  • Restoring Your Faith in Public Transportation

    Mobile technology is giving public transportation a much-needed facelift. Commuters are growing frustrated with traffic congestion and unreliable bus schedules. And transit authorities are doing something about it. Whether or not you believe in global warming or climate change, the fact is that fewer cars on the streets and highways means safer driving conditions and […]

  • Jon Stewart Recalls the International Mess Created by Reagan

    As the world knows, the bloody revolution in Ukraine has just begun, most of the media pundits- particularly those who appear on Fox news- have failed to support their arguments regarding the role played  by President Reagan in the early 1980s. It is presumed that Obama should not reckon himself as Reagan because his international […]

  • Print your bitcoins now

    Bitcoin was created a kind of digital currency which did not only provide anonymity to people but also was beyond the control of physical existence and government. But, after the sudden disappearance of Mt.Gox the experts hold the opinion that “it is not secure to keep your bitcoin digitally rather it would be more secure […]

  • Why Cosmetic Dentistry is So Much More Than a Cosmetic Fix

    Every year, Americans spend $106 billion on dental care. While the majority of dentistry services are offered to simply keep our teeth healthy for the sake of day to day necessities, namely eating, cosmetic dentists aim to keep our teeth vibrant and attractive, as well as functional. To gain whiter, more attractive smiles, Americans spend […]

  • “Mobile” is the Keyword for Marketing Success in 2014

    After surpassing the $1.25 trillion mark in 2013, global eCommerce levels are expected to continue on their meteoric rise throughout 2014. While that means businesses, like yours, need to continue putting their best foot forward when it comes to SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing, the fact is that the name of the game […]

  • Bob Costas Insults Russian Government during live Olympics Broadcast

    Bob Costas’s cunning and naked remarks over the behavior of Russian government were a matter of shame.  He was clear in his perception and openly said that there is no sport which could help a government to save its ugly face. He said that the SOCHI Olympics went excellent but it did not address the […]

  • South Korean Olympic Committee Registers Protest for Selective Handling

    The South Korean Olympic Committee has registered protest over the selective handling in women’s figure skating competition. The committee said that the result of Figure Skating was one sided and biased.  It has been laid down in the rules and regulations of International Skating Union that protest are to be lodged immediately but the international […]

  • UN Security Council Unanimously Approves Resolution to Force Syria to Stop the Attacks

    A resolution has been unanimously passed in the UN Security Council for forcing the Syrian government to immediately stop the attacks over the people. The resolution directs the government to open access to controlled areas for carrying out humanitarian activities. It literally warns for sheer consequences if not complied in letter and spirit. It was […]

  • Sarah Hyland Physically objectified in Australia

    On Thursday, The Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland has been physically objectified by a fan at an event in Australia. The daily mail disclosed that a 29 years old man came to her for snapping a photo. Once she went close to him, he speedily pressed her boobs violently. This was unbearable moment for Sarah and […]

  • Finland Beats US to Win Olympic Hockey Bronze

    The performance of North American athletics was seemingly unprofessional, effortless and passionless. It was presumed that the concept of Bronze was not familiar to the North American players. The failure against the Finland in 5-0 was the result of laziness, unprofessional attitude, lack of sheer determination, outplayed, and dearth of efforts.  The most interesting thing […]