Regular New Yorkers Learn How To Screen Others for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in New Training Program

Screenings for substance abuse and mental health concerns are notoriously difficult to enact, but New York City has started taking a new approach by training regular people to respond to individuals who may be facing an addiction, mental illness, or are experiencing abuse. According to the Associated Press, a youth outreach...

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Dog Stands By ‘Best Friend’ Trapped in Hole For Nearly a Week

When asked about their preference of furry companion, 70% of Americans describe themselves as “dog persons,” rather than the 20% who say they are “cat persons.” People love dogs due to their friendly nature and fierce loyalty. But how loyal can a dog really be? Well, if they’re anything like Tillie, it could be enough to save a...

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English Bride Undergoes Dental Surgery — in the Middle of Her Reception

While a lion-killing dentist gets all the press in America, there is a hero across the Atlantic Ocean that saved the wedding day of one unfortunate bride. According to Express UK, Stacy Rodgers, a bride-to-be from Ayrshire, England, woke up in the middle of the night on the most important day of her life with a terrible pain in her...

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Afghan Teacher Who Taught Refugee Girls in a Tent Honored by the UN

Sep 18, 15 Afghan Teacher Who Taught Refugee Girls in a Tent Honored by the UN

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Life for refugees of war-torn nations can be tough. But one woman is being honored by the United Nations for her work to help young girls get an education, even while in exile. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has chosen to honor Afghan refugee and teacher Aqeela Asifi for its 2015 UNHCR Nansen...

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Courageous Students Help Police Track Down Peeping Tom

Sep 16, 15 Courageous Students Help Police Track Down Peeping Tom

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Eight female college students are being commended for their bravery in helping police identify and arrest a man who was peeping into their windows on multiple occasions. According to local Minnesota news affiliate WCCO, University of St. Thomas student Emma Button noticed a man staring into her window on the night of Sept. 7. Upon...

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