Man Burnt Alive in Industrial Oven Filled With Thousands of Pounds of Tuna

Apr 30, 15 Man Burnt Alive in Industrial Oven Filled With Thousands of Pounds of Tuna

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Eating healthy isn’t so hard. Having two spoonfuls of hummus a day will help fulfill the recommended weekly amount of beans you’re supposed to get. Having just one lemon will provide you with more than 100% of your daily intake of vitamin C. And having tuna will help you get more protein, Omega-3, and B vitamins into your diet. Just be sure to be careful about which brand of tuna you buy, though. On April 27, prosecutors in Los Angeles charged Bumble Bee Foods and two of its employees with felony safety violations after a worker burned alive in an industrial oven filled with 12,000 pounds of tuna. In October of 2012, 62-year-old Jose Melena was doing maintenance work in a 35-foot-long industrial oven at the Bumble Bee plant in Santa Fe Springs when a co-worker, who thought Melena was in the bathroom, filled the pressure cooker with thousands upon thousands of pounds of canned tuna, and turned it on. According to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)’s report, a search was conducted after Melena’s supervisor noticed he was missing. Two hours later — after the oven had reached 270 degrees Fahrenheit — his charred body was found by another plant worker. Now, the company and its two managers are charged with three counts of violating OSHA rules. The two managers could potentially face up to three years in prison, and fines of as much as $250,000 if convicted of all charges. The company faces a maximum fine of $1.5 million, and has already appealed, arguing that it improved its safety program following Melena’s death. “We remain devastated by the loss of our colleague Jose Melena in the tragic accident,” said the company in a statement. “We disagree with and are disappointed by the charges filed by the Los Angeles district attorney’s...

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Is Your Child Getting Involved with Unicorn Puke? Teen Vaping Is on the Rise

Apr 29, 15 Is Your Child Getting Involved with Unicorn Puke? Teen Vaping Is on the Rise

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Could your kids be familiar with Sweet Tart, Hawk Sauce and Unicorn Puke? No, they’re not cartoon characters or new energy drinks — they’re just three of the many flavors for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigs,” have been hailed as the ultimate tools in smoking cessation for adults over the past decade, with more than 466 brands out there to choose from. But today they’re also used by a new demographic comprised of tweens and teens. What’s more, many teens are turning away from tobacco cigarettes in flavor of these new devices. In fact, around 13% of teens in 2014 admit to vaping, compared with just 9% who are still using tobacco cigarettes. How do e-cigs work? They allow users to “vape,” rather than smoke, with the use of heated “e-liquid,” which consists of a mixture of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin plus flavoring and varying amounts of nicotine. E-cigarette and e-liquid sales are technically illegal to minors in most areas of the United States. But if fewer teens are smoking, that’s a good thing, right? Health officials and vape users are split in their opinions. Where teens see them as ubiquitous in their high schools, groups like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention think they may have more negative long-term effects than most young people realize. Tom, a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Westchester County, NY, referred to vaping as “the healthy alternative [to smoking] taking over my school” when speaking to the New York Times. He started vaping to quit smoking and says that around 70% of his friends also vape. James, a 17-year-old senior in Virginia, started using the devices after his father had discarded them in an attempt to quit smoking. He calls vaping “edgy and exciting,” and says his favorite flavor is “Hawk Sauce,” which tastes like berry and menthol. Other flavors popular among teens were Sweet Tart and Unicorn Puke, the latter of which reportedly tastes like “every flavor Skittle compressed into one,” according...

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UFC Fighter Jon Jones Wanted for Questioning After Allegedly Injuring Woman in Hit-and-Run Accident

Apr 28, 15 UFC Fighter Jon Jones Wanted for Questioning After Allegedly Injuring Woman in Hit-and-Run Accident

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A mixed martial artist is now wanted for questioning after a car accident over the weekend that left an older woman injured. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is wanted by police in Albuquerque, NM, in an investigation described as “ongoing” on the department’s Twitter account. Despite initial reports stating that “Bones” was already in custody, the department said they have not made any contact with him. Some other early reports of the incident also alleged that Jones had drugs in his vehicle, which Albuquerque Police Department officer Simon Drobik said were false. Drobik did elaborate on the investigation, however, saying, “Jon Jones is wanted for questioning in a hit-and-run where an older woman was transported to the hospital for injuries.” There’s no word on the victim’s identity and age or whether the victim has made contact with an auto accident lawyer. Older drivers are especially susceptible to car accidents, and around 500 adults ages 65 and older are injured each day in car accidents in the United States. The allegation of drugs in the vehicle may not be that outlandish when taking the UFC fighter’s history into account. In 2012, Jones was arrested in Binghamton, NY, after driving his Bentley Continental GT into a telephone pole. He was charged with driving under the influence, was fined $1,000 and had his driver’s license suspended for six months. Last year, after a win over MMA fighter Daniel Cormier, Jones got into a brawl with Cormier in the lobby of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Jones was fined $50,000 and given 40 hours of community service but he didn’t face suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission.  Following the incident, Jones later admitted to cocaine use and entered himself into a drug rehab facility. So far, Jones’s manager, Malki Kawa, and attorney, Ofir Ventura, have not offered comment. The UFC released a statement on Sunday about the accident. “We are aware that the Albuquerque Police Department is interested in speaking to Jon...

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Edmonds Considers Installing Bleachers and Fences (But Not Field Lights) in Renovated Field

Apr 28, 15 Edmonds Considers Installing Bleachers and Fences (But Not Field Lights) in Renovated Field

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The Edmonds (WA) school district is deliberating about whether to install field lights in a local baseball field at a former high school. reports that Phil Olberchts, the City of Edmonds Hearing Examiner, recommended to the school board on April 10th that they should not install field lights as part of a planned restoration project. However, he did recommend that bleachers and ball control fencing be installed. Specifically, the district is drawing up the details of its conditional use permit application for the field, located at the former Woodway High School. Some citizens of Edmonds, a city located approximately 20 miles north of Seattle, are concerned that the proposed 70-foot field lights would result in excessive use of the field. Such increased use “has the potential for generating traffic that is significantly detrimental to public safety and welfare,” Olberchts said. Olberchts based his opinion on a two-and-a-half hour public hearing held on April 1st in which several Edmonds residents expressed concerns about the lighting, noise, and traffic the field lights could produce. He also consulted a traffic engineering report regarding the renovation proposals which stated that “both national and local trip generation studies of similar multipurpose fields experience heavy demand throughout a majority of the year, especially when combined with field lighting to provide late afternoon/early evening tournaments, games and practice events on sports fields.” “By enabling night time use, which can include peak hour traffic generation during winter months, the lights can dramatically alter the use and impacts of the playfields,” he said. “Those impacts should have been addressed in the conditional use permit review.” Olberchts, however, was not concerned about the proposed bleachers and fencing for the field, claiming that while they “could result in increased use of the fields without the field lights, the record does not suggest that this increase would be significant.” Assuming the fencing is approved, the district will most likely contract the job to one of the nearly 100,000 fencing construction and products businesses in the...

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Viral Social Media Challenge Has Plenty of Lips Moving

Apr 21, 15 Viral Social Media Challenge Has Plenty of Lips Moving

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To say that attitudes towards cosmetic surgery have changed is truly an understatement. Not only is cosmetic surgery — including non-invasive cosmetic procedures — widely accepted, they may even be expected of both men and women working in certain fields, such as the entertainment industry, though few would willingly admit to that. It’s become increasingly common for celebrities to suddenly make an appearance and look as though they may have had “work done,” but the difference is so subtle in many cases that’s difficult to tell. Though some openly admit and praise the cosmetic enhancements they’ve had done, the majority chalk it up to being happy — Renee Zellweger’s reasoning — or simple makeup tricks. Case in point: Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s 17-year-old half sister. Jenner has been in the news lately for her lips, of all things. Her perfect bee-sting pout seems a bit too perfect, a fact that she attributes to simply using too much lip liner. While many people have accused the young model of using lip injections to achieve fuller lips, Jenner has vehemently denied this claim. In 2013 alone, more than 2.5 billion dollars was spent on injectables alone. In addition, nearly 1.9 billion was spent on skin rejuvenation, a rapidly expanding sector of the aesthetic nonsurgical industry. However, some people are foregoing the injections — or lip liner — altogether in their quest for Jenner-like lips and instead are taking the #kyliejennerlipchallenge. In what many feel is a disturbing if not outright dangerous social media trend, challenge-takers are placing anything from shot glasses to yogurt containers over their lips to create an airlock seal for as long as five minutes in hopes of temporarily plumping their lips to Jenner-like proportions. Instead, they’re left with a swollen, bruised, painful and sometimes bloody mess. Many challenge-takers have posted their before and after selfies to the horror and often disgust of other social media users. In fact, the trend seems to be coming to a standstill as a result of the...

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