Auto Repair Shops Taking Insurance Companies to Court in Orlando

Aug 29, 14 Auto Repair Shops Taking Insurance Companies to Court in Orlando

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While maintaining your car is necessary to ensure it is fit for the road, it is not necessarily cheap. Perhaps this is why 77% of cars in a recent study were found to need either maintenance or repairs. Car owners might feel like they are paying a lot for repairs by their mechanics, but they are not the only ones whose wallets are hurting. State Farm and other auto insurance companies are being taken to court by auto repair companies across the country who argue that insurance companies are compromising safety for costs. While many of the repair shops involved are from the Central Florida area, federal suits from several other states will be consolidated in Orlando courts as well. Repair shops claim that insurance companies are not paying enough for the proper repairs to be done on cars that need maintenance. Shortcuts are being taken, resulting in major safety hazards. One shop that has been on the front lines of the battle with insurance companies is Gunder Auto Center. Owner Ray Gunder says that he has had many cars come to his shop that had issues because of bad repairs done at shops where insurance companies are calling the shots and cutting corners in an attempt to save money. These lawsuits are expected to draw swarms of attorneys for both insurance companies and auto repair shops from across the U.S. over the next year. There are 46 auto repair companies represented in a large Florida lawsuit, along with cases from four other states, including Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah and Indiana that will all be consolidated in Orlando. These states are not the only ones calling out State Farm, however. Buddy Caldwell, Attorney General of Louisiana, recently filed a lawsuit against the auto insurance giant for similar cost-cutting schemes in Louisiana repair...

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Selfies Help Connect Police With Stolen Phones After Burglary

Aug 29, 14 Selfies Help Connect Police With Stolen Phones After Burglary

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Selfies are everywhere these days — they even comprise a popular song, #Selfie, by the group The Chainsmokers. This week, selfies even made their way into a burglary in Santa Clarita Valley, California. On July 30, an unnamed woman in Santa Clarita reported that her home was broken into. The burglars cut the mesh screen out of her kitchen window in order to enter the home, and proceeded to steal jewelry, cash, and electronics. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had no leads until an interesting thing happened: using one of the stolen electronic items, several images began appearing in the woman’s cloud. The police immediately circulated the photos and were asking the public for help in identifying the man and woman in the images. Both of the individuals are lying in bed –clothed — and taking selfies with the camera. The victim has said that she does not recognize the couple. “Right now, we’re not calling them suspects; we’re calling them persons of interest,” said Deputy Josh Dubin. “But we want to know and detectives want to speak to them about why these two people ended up on this victim’s stolen property in the cloud.” Many phones and computers now automatically sync photos with cloud accounts so that the data is not lost, but instead stored remotely so that it can be accessed from anywhere. Within a few days, Larry Beltran Jr. identified himself as one of the individuals in the photo. Beltran explained that his aunt, Angie Cabrera, had bought two different iPhones in a recent swap meet for $80. Beltran wanted to clear his name — as a result of the photo, he received a lot of negative attention. “We’re grateful for the cooperation of that male talking to the detectives right now,” said Dubin. Beltran’s name has been cleared. The police are hoping that this link to the swap will serve as a lead to finding the real burglars. While selfies may help to catch unsuspecting burglars, homeowners are urged...

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New Probiotic Treatments may be the Next Wave in Acne Care

Aug 21, 14 New Probiotic Treatments may be the Next Wave in Acne Care

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40 to 50 Americans experience constant irritation and insecurity from acne, and many have a hard time finding ways to deal with flare-ups and breakouts. Fortunately, there may be a solution on the horizon, and it’s coming from an unexpected place. More and more dermatologists are recommending traditional acne therapy methods combined with daily doses of probiotics. Probiotics help restore the balance of bacteria in the body. Research is finding them increasingly useful in treating a variety of ailments, including poor oral health and digestion. New evidence is even accumulating that shows that probiotics may also help with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and of course, acne. Probiotic treatment builds on the theory that acne is linked to an excess of unhealthy bacteria in the gut brought on by high stress and poor diets, factors which can slow down digestion. In theory, introducing healthy bacteria in the form of consumed probiotics can re-seal the lining of a patient’s gut and cut down on the system-wide inflammation that many believe contributes to flare ups in rosacea and acne. The research is still in it’s early stages. However, it already looks like some topical probiotics can protect and soothe skin by destroying harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses and replacing them with a more balanced personal ecosystem. Some patients have even experimented with homemade facial cleansing masks made of kefir and yogurt, with some degree of success. However, many doctors are still hesitant to get on the probiotic bandwagon until more data comes in. Studies have yet to fully establish which products are really useful and effective and how often they should be applied. There’s also more room to research the difference between topical and oral probiotics. Until this data is made widely available, doctors advise consulting with dermatologists and physicians before integrating probiotics into a diet or skin care...

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This Fall’s 5 Most Talked About Smartphone Launches

Aug 20, 14 This Fall’s 5 Most Talked About Smartphone Launches

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Mobile traffic now accounts for nearly 16% of all Internet traffic, and this number is expected to increase exponentially as more mobile users switch to smartphones. This September may be just the time to convert more mobile users to smartphones, or at least get users to upgrade their devices. The changing of the season will bring about changes in cell phone features and aesthetics for Motorola Mobility, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung Electronics, and Apple fans. Here’s what the world can expect from the top phone makers this September: Sony Xperia Z3 Sony is on a roll these days; after launching the Z2 last February, the electronics maker has been hard at work designing it’s successor. The new model boasts a faster Snapdragon 801 processor and includes a 5.2 inch screen with a 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution with a whopping 3 GP of RAM. Nokia Lumia 730 If Windows Phone is to keep up with the competition, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella better have something great coming out this September. The new Nokia model is reported to have a 6.5 megapizel main camera and another 5 megapixel camera in the front to capture the perfect selfie with. Microsoft’s Nokia will also boast a Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm. Motorola G Remember when the Razr came out back in the day? Since then the cell phone company has been struggling to hold it’s ground in a rapidly expanding and shifting market. Hopefully with this new launch scheduled for September 4 in Chicago will give the company the boost it’s been waiting for. The phone is expected to have a 5 inch screen with a 1280 by 720 pixel resolution with an 8 megapixel camera. Samsung Note 4 Although the Samsung Galaxy line has been quite successful, the company still struggled in the second quarter as the rest of the market saw an increase in sales. Launching on September 3 in Berlin, the Note 4 will include a 5.7 inch screen with a 2560 by 1440 pixel resolution with a Snapdragon 805 processor. Hopefully this product...

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Buying a Used Car? Make Sure to Do Your Research

Aug 12, 14 Buying a Used Car? Make Sure to Do Your Research

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Has your vehicle seen better days? If so, you’re probably starting the search for a new car before your old one leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Before you begin your search, however, you have a big decision to make about your future car: new or used? If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, a used vehicle can be a great option. In 2010, the average used car cost less than $9,000, while new vehicles were over $26,000. Used cars may be more economical, but it is important to do your research before committing to buying any car, regardless of the price. Luckily, the Internet has made shopping for a reliable used car easier than ever before. is a great place to begin your used car shopping experience. You can easily search for and find used and certified pre–owned cars and dealerships in your area. Once you find something you like, you are able to look at the car details, including features, seller’s notes and even expert reviews. If you decide it’s worth trying, contact information is provided so that you can schedule a time to see the car and take it for a test drive. The Internet is very helpful in starting your search, but it shouldn’t end there. Make sure you actually see and test drive a used car before making the purchase. You should also ask the seller about the cars history, any problems it might have and what kinds of warranties it may comes with. Also keep in mind that the advertised price is not necessarily what you should pay for it. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. While there are some great deals out there for new cars, don’t forget to do your research, and never feel pressured into making a purchase you are not comfortable...

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