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Potential Car Buyers Beware: Your Car Could Have Been Flooded

Sep 28, 16 Potential Car Buyers Beware: Your Car Could Have Been Flooded

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Any vehicle owner is able to purchase a car carpet that is made specifically for their vehicle’s make, model, and year. But, if you buy a car and its carpets look warped and doesn’t fit correctly, these issues could be a clue that your car could have been caught in a flood. In fact, officials are warning potential car buyers in both Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky to keep a look out when visiting dealerships as some car salesmen have been less than truthful about the car’s history. This phenomenon comes during flash flood season for the area. Cincinnati’s Better Business Bureau has become aware that certain used car lots have been purchasing a flooded out car at a very low price, then putting it up for sale without telling the new owners it has been damaged. Typically, when a car is caught in a flood, the case will be reported to insurance and the car will be totaled. The car is then given a salvage title to alert buyers that the car cannot be salvaged. However, these used car dealership owners are drying out the water-clogged cars before their metal starts to rust and then putting them up for sale before the insurance company can issue a salvage title. Problem is, it’s almost impossible for car owners to see exterior signs of damage. So, WCPO has complied some warning signs of flood damage to keep an eye out for. First, look out for rust on the seat rails down the carpeting. Any metal parts in the interior will be quickest to rust. Headlights will also be foggy on the inside, as the condensation will have nowhere to go. The truck will also be damp, as there is little to no airflow in that area of the car. Don’t forget to use your nose, as a mildew smell can be apparent even before mold...

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San Antonio Clinic Offers Treatment for Children With Autism

A new clinic in San Antonio is aiming to bring Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy, to more children on the autism spectrum in the area. ABA principles aim to develop language, social, academic, and daily living skills to kids ages 0 to 18 with autism and other developmental disorders. The San Antonio clinic opened on July 11th and is funded through a state grant. ABA is widely considered to be the “gold standard” for the treatment of autism. Yet, many children on the spectrum go without because of the cost of care, and because of a shortage of specialist trained in ABA therapy. Many facilities that offer ABA have waiting lists ranging from one to three years. The new clinic has a dozen therapists and offers ABA on a sliding scale basis depending on family income. Also offered is up to 20 hours of parent training in the ABA technique, through a grant from John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation. It is also a training facility for future ABA specialists, as a part of the effort to reduce the shortage in trained ABA therapists. Internship hours and clinical experience will be available for almost 40 students from the University of Texas at San Antonio. ABA is effective and intensive and focusses on one-on-one work with children. It is best to start the therapy at an early age. “Children who receive ABA at a young age are 50 percent less likely to require special education once they’re in elementary school,” said Leslie Neely, an assistant professor of educational psychology at UTSA. The clinic is aiming to treat between a dozen and thrity children every...

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Revamped Real Estate App Targets Millennial Home Buyers With Agents

Sep 08, 16 Revamped Real Estate App Targets Millennial Home Buyers With Agents

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It’s becoming more common for websites and apps to introduce advanced algorithms to target customers and control what users see. Casamatic, a relatively new home buying app on the scene, matches homes with prospective buyers by using both an in-depth quiz for users and a complex algorithm. There are other real estate apps on the market, but they’re typically more limited in their scope. Instead of simply asking for a desired price range and number of bedrooms, Casamatic asks users about their preferred home style, neighborhood preferences, and how close they’d like to be to their workplace. Understandably, the app is geared towards millennials, who generally use apps for almost everything: transportation, dating, shopping, food, banking, and more. In fact, 32% of the home buying market is made up of first-time home buyers, so the creators of Casamatic are aiming to tap into the niche of young, first-time home buyers. Previous versions of the app were readily available for anyone to use, regardless of whether they had already worked with an agent. Users would be matched with a home they liked, and then the app would connect them with a local real estate agent. However, the creators of Casamatic made a decision to go in a new direction at the end of last month. They’ve now revamping the software so that various agencies can use the app to find clients. The app will show the agency’s logo instead of Casamatic’s, and will be available for both agents and their clients to use. The redesigned app now gives real estate agents better access and more control of their listings, but still allows clients the same type of tailored experience for viewing listings. The overhaul is still in development, but the app is expected to be a pivotal tool for agents in the Cincinnati area, and the creators hope to make a significant impact in how millennials approach buying their first...

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12-Year-Old Utah Girl Says She’ll Never Stop Hunting After Giraffe Kill

Sep 02, 16 12-Year-Old Utah Girl Says She’ll Never Stop Hunting After Giraffe Kill

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It’s well documented that women are increasingly becoming involved in hunting as a sport: 72% more women hunt with firearms and 50% more practice target shooting than just five years ago. But few are taking it to the same extremes as 12-year-old Aryanna Gourdin. Gourdin recently became Internet-famous after posting a series of photos on Facebook of her trophy hunting safari in Africa. She’s posed smiling next to her kills, including a giraffe and a zebra. Since then, Gourdin has reportedly received a wealth of backlash and even death threats for her posts, with some commenters calling her a “murderer.” But the Utah native says it hasn’t dissuaded her passion for the sport. “I’ll never stop hunting,” she said on Good Morning America. “It’s something I cherish and enjoy and I want other people to see what I experienced… I would never back down from hunting. I am a hunter and no matter what people say to me, I’m never going to stop.” Aryanna and her father, Eli, argue that they have no moral qualms about big game hunting because it supports conservation efforts. Others disagree. “Trophy hunting is cruel and does nothing to support conservation in Africa,” said Masha Kalinina of the Humane Society International. “Trophy hunting is short-term financial gain for long-term loss, not just for the animal kingdom but also because killing off charismatic species deprives local economies of ecotourism ­opportunities.” Nevertheless, the Gourdins have received vocal support from pro-hunting groups. Mark Martineau and Jason Hansen, who run the hunting expedition company Rack Em Up that organized the Gourdins’ trip, have invited Aryanna back for a lion hunt next year. Aryanna seemed excited for the prospect, and encouraged others to get into the sport. “I want other women and youth to get into the hunting experiences,” she said. “It’s just...

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